About US

Welcome to the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry at Wuhan University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. With strengths in structure-based drug design, synthesis and biological evaluation, the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry focuses on drug discovery and development. The institute has developed and supported many programs aimed at fostering future-oriented medicinal chemists at Wuhan University. The Institute is committed to encouraging a diverse and supportive environment in medicinal chemistry, where every student is provided with the opportunities and resources necessary to succeed in his/her career.
Currently, there are 14 faculty and staff members at the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. Most of them are graduate student advisors, including 5 Ph.D. advisors and 12 master’s advisors. Faculty at the institute have multidisciplinary background and have received many honors, including 1 recipient of the Program of New Century Excellent Talents by the Ministry of Education, 1 recipient of Hubei Province’s Outstanding Medical Academic Leader Program, 2 Chutian Professors of Hubei Province, 1 Distinguished Professor and 1 Chair Professor of Luojia Scholarship of Wuhan University, 4 Distinguished Young Scholars of the Hubei province and Wuhan University.
The Institute of Medicinal Chemistry specializes in discovery and development of novel drugs based on the structure of functional gene/protein which relate to cancer, viral infection or other major diseases. Our current researches focus on the following directions: 1) Discovery and validation of new anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs. 2) Development of imaging agents for early cancer diagnose and targeted imaging. 3) Development of methodology of structure-based drug design. In the last 3 years (2012-2015), faculty at the institute had successfully applied 22 national patents, published over 60 SCI papers. Faculty are funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education of China, and cooperative contracts with pharmaceutical companies.