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Welcome to the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry at Wuhan University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. With strengths in structure-based drug design, synthesis and biological evaluation, the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry focuses on drug discovery and development. The institute has developed and supported many programs aimed at fostering future-oriented medicinal chemists at Wuhan University. The Institute is committed to encouraging a diverse and supportive environment in medicinal chemistry, where every student is provided with the opportunities and resources necessary to succeed in his/her career.
Currently, there are 14 faculty and staff members at the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. Most of them are graduate student advisors, including 5 Ph.D. advisors and 12 master’s advisors. Faculty at the institute have multidisciplinary background and have received many honors, including 1 recipient of the Program of New Century Excellent Talents by the Ministry of Education, 1 recipient of Hubei Province’s Outstanding Medical Academic Leader Program, 2 Chutian Professors of Hubei Province, 1 Distinguished Professor and 1 Chair Professor of Luojia Scholarship of Wuhan University, 4 Distinguished Young Scholars of the Hubei province and Wuhan University.
The Institute of Medicinal Chemistry specializes in discovery and development of novel drugs based on the structure of functional gene/protein which relate to cancer, viral infection or other major diseases. Our current researches focus on the following directions: 1) Discovery and validation of new anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs. 2) Development of imaging agents for early cancer diagnose and targeted imaging. 3) Development of methodology of structure-based drug design. In the last 3 years (2012-2015), faculty at the institute had successfully applied 22 national patents, published over 60 SCI papers. Faculty are funded by the National Natural Science...

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