Wenqing Chen
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Wenqing Chen, Ph.D

Associate Professor

185 Donghu Road, Wuhan 430071, China.

Key Laboratory of Combinatorial Biosynthesis

and Drug Discovery, Ministry of Education

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Wuhan University Wuhan, China



Education & Work Experience:

1995-1999Anhui University of Science & Technology, Ba. Eng. Food Science and Engineering

2001-2004, Huazhong Agricultural University, MA.Sc, Microbiology

2005-2009, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ph.D Microbiology

2009-2010, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Research Associate

2013-2014, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Postdoctor

2011-Now, Wuhan University, Associate Professor.

 Research Interest:

1.    Synthetic biology and biosynthesis of nucleoside antibiotics.

2.    Target-directed genome mining for novel nucleoside antibiotics discovery.

3.    Biosynthesis-inspired biomanufacturing for pharmaceuticals/chemicals.

Selected Pbulication

1.    Chen W, Qi J, Wu P, Wan D, Liu J, Deng Z. (2015) Natural and e ngineered biosynthesis of nucleoside antibiotics in Actinomycetes. J Ind Microbiol & Biot, DOI: 10.1007/s10295-015-1636-3.

2.    Qi J, Liu J, Wan D, Wang Y, Cai Y, Feng X, Wu P, Li S, Qiu G, Yang S, Chen W*, Deng Z. (2015) Metabolic engineering of an industrial polyoxin producer for the targeted overproduction of designer nucleoside antibiotics. Biotechnol Bioeng. 112(9):1865-71. (*Corresponding author) (Featured as Spotlight in Biotechol Bioeng)

3.    Price NP, Furukawa T, Cheng F, Qi J, Chen W, Crich D. (2014) Biosynthesis of 4-aminoheptose 2-epimers, core structural components of the septacidins and spicamycins. J Antibiot (Tokyo). 67(5):405-14.

4.    Xu T, Yu D, Xu P, Xu W, Chen W, Chen C, Li X. (2014) Real-time enzyme-digesting identification of double-strand DNA in a resonance-cantilever embedded micro-chamber. Lab Chip. 14(6):1206-14.

5.    Chen W, Dai D, Wang C, Huang T, Zhai L, Deng Z. (2013) Genetic dissection of the polyoxin building block-carbamoylpolyoxamic acid biosynthesis revealing the "pathway redundancy" in metabolic networks. Microb Cell Fact. 12:121.

6.    Xu D, Liu G, Cheng L, Lu X, Chen W*, Deng Z*. (2013) Identification of Mur34 as the novel negative regulator responsible for the biosynthesis of muraymycin in Streptomyces sp. NRRL30471. PLoS One. 8(10):e76068 (*Co-corresponding author)

7.    Zhai L, Lin S, Qu D, Hong X, Bai L, Chen W*, Deng Z*. (2012) Engineering of an Industrial Polyoxin Producer for the Rational Production of Hybrid Peptidyl Nucleoside Antibiotics. Metab Eng. 14(4):388-93. (*Co-corresponding author)

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