Weixin Tao
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Name: Weixin tao

Subjects: Biochemistry and Molocular Biology

Department: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College appointment: Lecturer

Email: taoweixin@whu.edu.cn

Telephone: 18986037807 


2013/12- now School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wuhan University, Lecturer

2011/11-2013/11 School of Basic Medical Sciences, Wuhan University, Post-Doctor

2008/9-2011/7 College of Natural Resources and Life Science, Dong-A University (Korea), PhD of Science

2006/10-2008/9 R&D department, GuangZhou ZhongDa Marine Biotechnology Center of South China Sea co., LTD

2003/9-2006/6 College of Life Science, HuaZhong Agricultural University, Master of Science

1999/9-2003/6 College of Life Science, HuaZhong Agricultural University, Bachelor of Science 


Biochemical Experiment

Molecular Biology 

Research interests:

Biosynthetic investigation of the microbial natural products:

1.      Mining novel biosynthetic gene clusters using biotechnologies like comparative genomics, metagenomics etc.

2.      Understanding/optimizing the biosynthetic pathway of microbial natural products by elucidating the biochemical mechanism of the key biosynthetic steps.


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